Northam Aerated Water Companies – R.G. Meares

A newspaper report dated 10 October 1903 lists Robert G Meares as having won first prize for aerated waters at the Northam Agricultural Show.

This may be about the year his company was formed.

From 1906 to 1911 Meares is described as occupying premises in Fitzgerald Street, Northam.

While there is no conclusive evidence, it is likely that R G Meares ran his aerated water factory from near the rear of the Tattersall Hotel in Fitzgerald Street, on land abutting the Avon River and in close proximity to the Eclipse Brewery of Henry Edmeades.

Meares had marble bottles made by three distinctly different makers.

One was embossed R. G. Meares Aerated Water Manufacturer Northam WA and made by Barnett & Foster London with the original Niagara patent embossed on the back.
Another was embossed R. G. Meares Aerated Northam Works and made by Melbourne Glass Bottle Works.
The third embossed R. G. Meares Aerated Water Maker Northam was made by William Barnard of London.