WA Wine & Spirit Merchants – Robbins Bros. Adelaide Cafe Perth

The origin of “The Adelaide Cafe” are with William Magill Robins and his sister Phoebe Jane Robbins who commenced trading as “The Adelaide Cafe” at 33-35 Howick Street Perth around October, 1895.
They had come to Perth from Adelaide and advertised to provide foods and best wines and cordials.
During 1897, Howick Street was renamed to Hay Street.
In 1899 the Eating House Licence held by William Robbins was transferred to his sister Phoebe Robbins.
The trade name remained as The Adelaide Cafe and William is seen to remain in business there.
In 1901 the Adelaide Cafe moved premises to Brockman’s Buildings in Barrack Street, Perth. 

During December 1903 William Magill Robbins applied for a Colonial Wine Licence at the Adelaide Cafe.
By 1908 the cafe had again re-established to 111 Barrack Street, Perth. Phoebe Robbins married Ernest Surber in April, 1912 and on 20th May, 1913 announced her retirement from the Barrack Street business and then further announced she was taking over the Railway Hotel in Meckering. The cafe business at 111 Barrack Street continued in the names of William Magill Robbins and John Finlay Robbins.
By 1914 they were seen as carrying stocks of wine as agents for G.F. Morris of Fairfield Vineyards, Victoria and were known as Robbins Bros Adelaide Cafe. By 1919 Robbins Bros were also described as “Handy Foods” at 111 Barrack Street providing small goods including turkeys, ducks, chickens, cooked hams and pork to customers.
By May, 1921 William Robbins announced his retirement and the Adelaide Cafe was taken over by Frank Rae known as the “Sausage King”.