W J Phillips & Percival Star Day of Port Hedland

W J PHILLIPS is listed in Wises Directories as being an aerated water manufacturer at Port Hedland in 1912. The only entry for his time here is in the Hedland Advocate, 2 Dec 1911. He has placed the Port Hedland Aerated water business for sale, as a going concern and he is willing to teach the new owner how to produce the drinks before he leaves to pursue other interests in Perth. I did find an entry in the Directories for W J Phillips, James Street, Perth in 1899 but I have found no further details about this gentleman.

PERCIVAL STAR DAY. (for more on his life see story Day, Kennedy, Leahy, MacKay, Gynn of Boulder).

In 1907/1908 Percival Star Day went to Port Hedland from the Goldfields where he carried on business in Port Hedland as an aerated water manufacturer in the town. In February 1908 he went to Fremantle and left his friend, aerated water manufacturer and businessman John Sutherland MacKay to carry on his business in his absence. Mackay had been his friend and business partner from his time in the Goldfields. However, Day died in June in Carnarvon hospital and his wife Josephine and children where left with an estate not worth valuation in the probate Court.

In July 1908, H B Woodroffe, auctioneer of Port Hedland listed a quantity of chemicals, 25 Gross Patent bottles and 300 mixed bottles, for sale from Day’s “Star Aerated Water factory.

Days’ time in Port Hedland was short lived.

Author – Vivienne Sinclair.