Jaycee Aerated Water Company Derby – L J Coleman 1951 +

LLEWELLYN JAMES COLEMAN was born in England in 1902 to William Isaiah Coleman and wife Ellen.

“Jims” father William had arrived in Australia in the 1890’s and c1895 he had travelled overland to the Kimberley region of WA with George Moss from Queensland and settled at Halls Creek, joining the gold rush.

William Coleman married wife, Ellen Farrow at Albany in 1897 and daughter Patricia was born at Halls Creek in 1898. In 1900 they moved to Derby where a son Gillis Charles Coleman was born and William became Chairman of the Derby Council. He was also on the Committee of the West Kimberley Turf Club, so the family soon settled into the NW way of life. Ellen travelled to England to visit family, where Lllewellyn “Jim” was born in 1902. By 1905 William was now living in Broome where he ran a livery stable with John Harris and he dissolved this partnership in July. His wife Ellen Coleman, and children, Patricia, Gillis and little “Jim” arrived back in Derby after leaving England on the “Ormuz” on 4 July 1905. In 1906 they lived in Walcott street, Broome where William applied for a Wine & Beer Licence for Town Lot 5 in Carnarvon street. It was rented and he would call the premises “Albion”. He had held a Publican Generals Licence in Derby for 4 years and also one at Halls Creek for 7 years. He was also engaged in the Pearling trade at Broome and owned a lugger. In February 1907 he moved back to Derby and took over the Port Hotel. He was part owner of Federal Downs Station in 1909 and was still at the Port Hotel in 1914. With his extensive business interests, including being a pastoralist in the area, he also bought a property in Claremont where his wife spent time away from the heat of the north. Ellen called her home “Albion”.

Son “Jim” was now 23 in 1925 and he with brother Gillis were stockmen on their father’s station. Their father William passed away in Sep 1928 at Claremont and mother Ellen in 1940 and are both buried at Karrakatta. “Jim” continued to live at Derby as a stockman until 1936 and he married Jessie Ah Chee in Sept 1936 at Derby. He received his 1st clip of wool from Bradford Downs Station when 460 bales were delivered to the port. Jessie and Jim lived in a home in Loch street, Derby in 1941 and during 1951 he was proprietor of the Jacee Aerated Water Factory. His daughter Yvonne and son Leslie helped their father in the factory during the 1952 school holidays and at the height of summer the factory ran out of gas, so the factory ceased production until the next State ship arrived at the port. Coleman’s 1st ad appeared in the Northern Times on 28 Aug 1952. He mentioned Lemonade, Dry Ginger Ale, Stone Ginger Beer and Brewed Hore Hound drinks and “Justfrute” all pure fruit drinks. The residents of Derby were over joyed when Coleman set up a kiosk in town in December 1953 for his cool drinks and Peters Ice cream. It was the first time Peters ice cream had been available in town and the first cylinder was soon empty. His factory is listed in the Universal Business Directory for 1954.

In 1954 his brother Gillis had the Imperial Hotel at York.

The newspapers only continue online until the early 1950’s so I can’t list his achievements after that time.

Jim and Jessie Coleman were still in Derby in 1980 on the Electoral Rolls. He died there in 1985 and wife Jessie passed away in 1993.

Author – Vivienne Sinclair.