George Worth of Guildford

George Worth married Amelia Jones in Guildford in 1870. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters between 1874 and 1891. He was at Beverley between 1874 and 1882 and in 1881 he won the contract to shoe the Police horses in his occupation as a Blacksmith.

Sometime in the 1890’s he established an aerated waters factory at Guildford only listing his business in the Directories in 1894.

He purchased three adjoining blocks 4 acres in total, of land on the corner of East street and James street, Guildford.

His home was called Spring Villa in East Street, Guildford and he exhibited a Jersey cow in the show in 1893 winning 1st prize, so expect the milk was used to feed his large family. Sadly, George and Amelia lost a son in 1896 and on February 23rd 1897 George was injured in a terrible accident. He was scraping dirt off one of the cog wheels with a knife while his aerated water machinery was in motion. The knife spun out of his hand, struck his temple causing George to fall back onto the belt of the fly wheel. A doctor was called to assist but he died from his injuries 2 days later on 25th February 1897. Even though he is only listed in the Directories in 1894 he was in business until his untimely death.

George Worth marble bottles are hard to find as his demise halted a promising business. His marble bottles are Niagara Patents by Barnet & Foster. I believe only repaired bottles are in members collections. His wife Amelia passed away in 1918.

The bottle has a registered number on the back 65433 which is when the Niagara Patent was registered and Barnet and Foster wording. Also, London.n, whether this is a misprint I am not sure.

Author – Vivienne Sinclair.