Charles Alexander Lindau of Carnarvon & Port Hedland


In 1905 he was situated in Robinson Street, Carnarvon and applied for a gallon licence.

 In late 1905, the newly erected Gascoyne Mineral Springs aerated water factory built by William Herbert Fenner, was taken over by Leopold von Bibra and he appointed Charles Lindau as his manager. Von Bibra renovated the Cleaver Street premises in July 1906. A cyclone caused much flooding in the town in March 1907 and Lindau’s home and von Bibra’s factory were surrounded by flood waters. In April a shortage of bottles and increasing trade caused the company to order 50 cases of bottles from Port Hedland. On opening one of the crates a snake was found amongst the straw packing.

Lindau married Alice Mary Slade at Carnarvon in 1907 and proceeded to erect a new home in Baston street in February 1908.  In 1910 he became a Town Councillor and stayed in the town and produced aerated waters for von Bibra until June 1914. In October 1914 he instructed Angelo & Angelo to sell his household furniture as he was leaving Carnarvon. From June 1906 – June 1914 he had Power of Attorney for von Bibra’s business and it was withdrawn after this date.

 He moved to Port Hedland soon after, with his wife and young family. The Electoral Rolls list him at Port Hedland as an aerated water manufacturer in 1917. He remained in Port Hedland until February 1921 when he sold the business to Albert Edward Clark. Clark had been working in his factory to learn the trade. He moved down to the city and lived in Ellesmere street, Mount Hawthorn. In 1933 he bought Lot 115 Herdsman Lake. He then moved to Kalgoorlie in 1943 where he was a miner and in June 1949 he lived in Balingup and gave his occupation as Cordial Maker. Who was his employer in this area?

He passed away suddenly at Mt Hawthorn 19 June 1951 aged 74 years and mention is made of employment at Hosken’s Foundry in Perth. His wife Alice Mary Lindau died on 2 February 1978 aged 90 years.

Author – Vivienne Sinclair.