Sedna of Perth & Belfast, Ireland

The word SEDNA seems to have been derived from the parent company name Deans, Logan & Co Ltd, Belfast, Ireland.
Certainly it has been linked as a transposition of a word like “Deans” or “Andes” where the Coca Extract same from.
The Snaed Manufacturing Co became Deans, Logan around 1897 so a permutation of Snaed, Deans and Andes is the likely source of the SEDNA Tonic sold in Australia.
The company expanded outlets rapidly and labels later showed Deans, Logan & Co Ltd, Belfast & London.

Burns Philp & Co of Fremantle, Geraldton & Esperance were advertising as early as 1894 as agents for Seppelt’s South Australian Wines.
However by June, 1905, the company of B. Seppelt & Sons Ltd opened their own office in Fremantle.
They established themselves in the basement of the Wiltshire & Feely building in Packenham Street, Fremantle.
This basement is later described in advertising as their cellars.
Also at this time they were boasting to have the largest winery in the world. Seppelt’s had established themselves as sole agents for SEDNA in Australia during 1908.

Advertising in the Truth, Saturday 14th August, 1909 showed Messrs Seppelt & Co  of Fremantle sole agent for SEDNA “a pleasant and nutritious beverage”.
Composed principally of port wine and containing all the beneficial qualities contained in coca wine, kola wine and beef wine and acting as a stimulant and nutritious food for invalids.
By August, 1909 in other advertising Seppelt’s made claim to have sold 1000 cases of SEDNA in the previous six months.

Further flamboyant advertising in the Swan Express Friday 10th October, 1919 described SEDNA as the most marvellous preparation known to Medical Science – Composed of the active principals of Cocoa Leaves, Kola Nuts and Meat all dissolved in the best wine procurable.
“For Invalids”. “For Sleeplessness”, “As a Pick-me-up”, “After Influenza”, “For Pressure of Business Overwork, etc”, “For a Weak Stomach”, In Summer”, “For Singers & Public Speakers”, “For Sea Sickness”.

“Sedna Cola Wine, Beef Wine, Port Wine. Kola Wine – all in one”.

Prepared by Deans, Logan & Co Ltd, Belfast Ireland.
This “Tonic” often described as the “King of Tonics” was certainly a potent mixture of wine or port and included elements of cocaine and caffeine, particularly in the earlier years of production.
The company of Deans, Logan & Co appeared to be in liquidation by around 1932, however Seppelt’s & Co continued to market the same name SEDNA in Western Australia right through till June, 1948 and advertised at that time as Medicated Wine.
The later brews appears to be more wine based than port based.