WA Wine & Spirit Merchants – Gunzberg Brothers & Premier Wine Saloon

Isaac and Joseph Gunzburg were born in Moscow, Russia in the mid 1870’s and they migrated to Western Australia via Israel around 1893-1894.

They established themselves in their trade as orchardists and fruiterer’s at Mardella south east of Perth, located between Mundijong and Serpentine.

By 1904 they had established themselves in Perth. Joseph operated as a fruiterer at 384 Hay Street, Perth.

On 17th August, 1904 Isaac Gunzburg made application for an “Eating, Boarding & Lodging House Licence” at 384 Hay Street, Perth, this premises to be known as “The Premier Fruit Palace”.
In December 1908 Samuel Gunzberg made an application for a Wine Licence at Lord Street, Perth however this application was refused.

By 1910 the Gunzburg Bros had re-established to 602 Hay Street, Perth, directly opposite the Perth Town Hall.
They still traded as fruiterer’s and by 1913 were also advertising as “Wine Merchants” at the same address.
There appears to be no evidence that the Gunzburg’s had Wine & Spirit Licences in Perth prior to 1913.
The Gunzburg’s did not limit their wine and spirit trade to Perth as seen in 1917 advertising showing they also established themselves in Fremantle. 

On 13th May, 1921 Isaac and Maurice Gunzburg having claims to have held a Wine Licence for 15-16 years sold the Premier Wine Saloon to Richard Hesford.
However, after limited success, on 19 March, 1924 Hesford transferred his rights to the Premier Wine Saloon back to Maurice Gunzburg.

By 1926 Gunzburg Bros were seen advertising at the Premier Wine Saloon to be the largest Wine Merchants in Western Australia at 602 Hay Street.

They promoted Yalumba Wines and advertised to sell Ports, Sherry, Muscat, Frontignac, Claret, Chablis, Hock and Burgundies whilst again also claiming to be the largest Wine Merchants in Western Australia.
This was significant advertising at that time for them as the Gunzburg’s had rarely previously had need to advertise.

On 21st June, 1929 Samuel Gunzburg also acquired the rights to the “Majestic Wine Saloon’ at 823 Hay Street, Perth and further adverting thereafter shows Gunzburg Bros at both 602 and 823 Hay Street, Perth.

The Gunzburg Bros were still trading at 602 Hay Street, Perth around 1950 and members of the family continued in the family business.