Rose Noble Souvenir Jugs

Samuel Noble opened a small commercial pottery works in Mosman, Sydney commencing around 1947.
His main wares were small slip-ware cream coloured jugs showing a singular motif along with an Australian town name.
Each jug is clearly embossed on the base Rose Noble Australia.
In this line of ware one might occasionally come across a slightly darker glazed jug but always from the same distinctive mould.
Samuel Noble made other small jugs and small vases.
It has never been recorded why he chose the name Rose Noble for his wares.

With some luck the jug may still be accompanied by a small slip of paper showing the following:
Made in Australia.
Collecting Souvenirs as a happy reminder of your holiday trips and travels is a popular hobby.
“Rose Noble” Souvenirs are available in 24 different motifs, inscribed with the place from which obtained.
They make an ideal and practical Souvenir Collection.
Ask for them wherever you go. At pleasure spots – Tourist Resorts – On Interstate and Overseas Ships – and Airway Terminals. Hand made by Rose Noble Studios.

While this paper states there are 24 motifs there clearly appears to be in excess of 30 different ones known since the paper was written.
A vast number of different jugs can be found from around Australia some showing the most obscure place names.

The Western Australian ones come from Geraldton WA, one with yellow puff fish, one with mauve puff fish and one with a parrot, Mahogany Creek WA with black swan, Margaret River with black swan, Nornalup WA with prawn, Norseman with flying duck, Onslow WA with yacht, Perth with black swan, Wongan Hills with wattle branch, Yanchep WA one with a parrot, one with koala and baby on branch, one with kangaroo and one with a sea horse, Albany with emu, another with blue wren, Bridgetown with a wattle branch, Carnamah with platypus, Derby with aborigine & boomerang, Esperance with kangaroo & boomerang, Kellerberrin with a boomerang, Leonora & Gawler with boomerang, Mt Magnet with kangaroo, Mukinbudin with koala, Wagin with kangaroo, Yanchep with girl diving.

Interestingly a number of the motifs chosen are not symbolic to the region nor can some of the towns be considered tourist towns. Some jugs have the “WA” and some do not. There are some big collections of Rose Noble around Australia and these collectable jugs usually fetch a price from $10.00 up to perhaps $50.00.